Australia's most advanced range of Solar Hot Water and Heat Pump Hot Water Systems. Available in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.
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Our Future

Our Bright Future

Our Bright Future

Envirosun solar hot water heaters and Enviroheat heat pump hot water systems are company brands with a stellar future in Australian hot water supply.

With offices in the major Australian capital cities, warehouse and assembly facilities in Brisbane, Perth, Darwin and Melbourne, a national distribution with installation dealer and service network and a life-time of experience, we’re geared for growth and are excited to be in this position for a long existence and set the level of water heater quality and advancing as the worlds technology becomes available with proven reliability and long jeopardy

To leverage off our strong local and international relationships with hot water component designers and manufacturers and our deep understanding of local requirements is our success

To Design, Supply and Support the Most Energy Efficient and Technologically Robust HOT WATER SYSTEMS Using the Best Ideas, Components and Materials from Australia and Around the World.

At Envirosun and Enviroheat we never sit idle, always developing and advancing as the latest technology becomes available, we have the best solar hot water systems and heat pump water heaters in Australia.

It has never been more important for Australians to support Australian Owned Companies

The Envirosun Solar Hot Water range is made from the highest quality Australian and European manufactured solar hot water tanks and the latest components available, they are assembled here in Australia, we source local products where we can to make the best solar hot water system in the hot water industry. Envirosun supports Australian manufacturing where available and provides the best quality and durability.

Being 100% Australian owned, when you purchase an Envirosun or a Enviroheat hot water system, the profits remain Australian and are reinvested into building our range of quality Envirosun energy efficient hot water systems

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