Solar Hot Water Systems

When you choose an Envirosun Solar hot water heater or the Enviroheat Heat Pump hot water system,  you are choosing an advanced water heater.

Quality Australian and European made Energy Efficient and Environmentally friendly water heaters

By a 100% Australian owned company

Envirosun solar water heaters and Enviroheat hot water systems

Envirosun solar hot water systems are Australia’s most advanced, energy efficient and environmentally friendly water heaters

Envirosun is Australian owned, our range of hot water systems are designed and built specifically to suit the Australian climate

Solar hot water systems are classed in 3 different types, Thermosyphon, Split Solar and the Air Sourced Heat Pump

The Thermosyphon is where the storage tank is located on the roof directly connected to the solar panels we call this our TS Plus system

The Split solar is where than tank and solar panels are just that, split, tank is on the ground level or any convenient location and the solar panels are the only part that is on the roof, in our range this is known as the AS solar system

The Air sourced solar is known as a heat pump, it uses the ambient air and with refrigeration/air conditioning technology converts air to heat with massive energy savings compared to a electric hot water system, this one we call the Enviroheat

Using the solar energy to heat your water is a very effective way to use Australia’s climate and abundant sunshine, save energy, save money and importantly the environmental factor on the reduction greenhouse gas emissions
Choosing the correct solar hot water system and installation is very important and depending on your location, direction of solar panels and the amount of water you usage in your home, a solar hot water system can provide up to 90 per cent of your hot water needs and in some cases even more

100% Australian Owned

It has never been more important for Australian's to support Australian owned companies

The Envirosun solar hot water range is made from the highest quality Australian, European and Asian solar hot water components available and are assembled here in Australia, we source local products where we can to make the best solar hot water system in the hot water industry. Envirosun supports Australian manufacturing where available . 

Being 100% Australian owned, when you purchase an Envirosun or a Enviroheat hot water system the profits remain Australian and are reinvested into building our range of quality  Envirosun Solar water heaters and Enviroheat Heat Pump hot water systems.

We keep evolving and updating our range as technology in energy efficient hot water heating improves 

We are big enough to have a complete range for every domestic hot water situation,  yet small enough to care and have the highest level of Quality control in the Australian hot water manufacturing industry that is second to none.

5 Good Reasons to Choose our Hot Water Systems

We have the most advanced solar hot water systems and heat pump water heating products available in the world

Our unique approach to making Solar Hot Water Systems is part of what makes them so Advanced, we move with the times and are not locked into outdated production methods

Envirosun and Enviroheat hot water systems are made from the highest quality products available in the world, we source, manufacture  and assemble our hot water systems with quality control processes that lead the hot water industry

You can’t beat the real world experience and knowledge that is in Envirosun and Enviroheat hot water heaters

Australia – New Zealand – South Pacific

Envirosun TS Plus solar hot water

The Envirosun TS Plus solar hot water system (Thermosyphon) is made from the highest quality 444 stainless steel from Holland and assembled here in Australia.  Our solar panels are manufactured with aluminium frames, full copper absorption plates, solid brass fittings and stainless steel tie down materials giving them a long life expectancy and making them corrosive resistant.
The Envirosun TS Plus solar hot water heater comes with 7 year tank and panel warranties

Envirosun AS solar hot water

The Envirosun AS solar hot water system (split solar) storage cylinders are Australian made and have the absolute best European control and pumping systems available.  All aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel materials are used in our solar panels, making them corrosive resistance and a long life expectancy.  The Envirosun AS solar hot water heater comes with 7 years warranty on both panels and tank

Enviroheat Heat Pump Hot Water

The Enviroheat heat pump hot water system is made under license by the worlds largest appliance manufacturer.  With their expertise in the refrigerant/air conditioning industry and the extreme levels of quality control in place, brings the Enviroheat heat pump the recognition it deserves. We also offer a unmatched level of after sales and warranty, Enviroheat heat pumps have a 5 year replacement warranty from any mechanical failure, now that is what standing behind your product is really about
Enviroheat heat pump water heaters absorb warmth from the air and transfer it to heat water, they are also referred to as ‘air-source solar hot water systems. They operate on electricity, but are approximately three times more efficient than a conventional electric hot water heater. When used in the right environment they save energy, money and importantly the environmental factor on the reduction greenhouse gas emissions
Enviroheat hot water systems Australia
Enviroheat heat pump hot water systems are made by the world's largest appliance manufacturer