Australia's most advanced range of Solar Hot Water and Heat Pump Hot Water Systems. Available in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.
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About Us

About Us

ENVIROSUN have a extensive range of solar and heat pump hot water systems to suit every corner of Queensland

Providing the best Hot Water Heating Technology from around the globe by a Company that is committed to a sustainable low carbon future with quality durable products

Our manufacturing and procurement philosophy is simple and very effective – We source the world for the best quality Hot Water Heating Components to assemble our exceptional range of energy efficient Hot Water System.

THE Envirosun storey, current and future


The history of Envirosun is one of a career that dates back many decades within the hot water heater industry, from the very early 1970’s and one that is of continuous improvement and innovation. The CEO of Envirosun, Mr Rodger Meads has been involved in the solar hot water industry from apprenticeship days  to being the general manager of one of Australia’s pioneering brands when the Hart family owned Solahart in Western Australia. Rodger was at the helm of Solahart when it was sold 3 times to large corporations up until the late 1990’s.

Envirosun was concepted to keep the values and quality that was developed back in the good old days.

Current & Future

We know what works, what lasts and we know what is needed. And while we’re not the biggest water heater company in Australia, we are dedicated to the solar, heat pump and energy efficient hot water systems

Envirosun has grown a national distribution network with warehouses in every state and is now run and owned by a combination of industry experts, lifelong industry trade qualified and building trade network professionals.

With that commitment and expertise within the hot water industry is what gives us the leading edge when offering the most advanced hot water systems at affordable and very competitive prices.

We are not top heavy with sales reps and managers adding cost to a product all the way to the consumer, this is how we can keep our prices low, it is like the saying “a Champagne product on a beer budget”.  You will not find a better product than an Envirosun solar hot water system.

The Envirosun heat pump is manufactured under exclusive license for us by the world’s largest appliance manufacturer known for brands such as Fisher and Paykel, General Electric (GE Appliances), Hoover and Sanyo just to name a few.  This partnership has evolved to provide a heat pump designed and suited for Australia and backed with leading warranties of products of the same class

Very importantly Envirosun is 100% Australian owned

The Envirosun future is one of excitement and with new foundations and partnerships will continue to pave the way in providing Australia with the absolute best products available from around the world with Australian assembly and quality assurance that is second to none. The Envirosun name a trusted one within the industry and is one that stands for excellence in  performance and durability.

Products Range

Envirosun TS Plus Solar Hot Water Heater
Envirosun AS Solar Hot Water Systems
Envirosun Heat Pump Hot Water Systems
Envirosun THX Glycol Solar Hot Water Systems


Our brand started in the Australian Solar Water Heater industry as a business nearly 3 decades ago providing our hot water components to a large majority of the known large hot water industry names…


Envirosun and Enviroheat brands of hot water systems have a bright stellar future. We are now teamed with the best distribution network, with warehousing in major cities throughout Australia and our…

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